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Hands making a Ceramic Cup



A vibrant new community art club has emerged in Los Angeles, bridging the gap for local artists tired of traveling out of their neighborhood in pursuit of their craft. The valley, home to numerous hidden talents, now boasts its very own artistic haven. This inclusive space is set to become a hub for creativity, offering a range of art classes, events and even a fully equipped photo studio. What sets this art club apart is its commitment to community, diversity and craft – a place where artists can not only showcase their work but also connect with like-minded individuals. Beyond the engaging atmosphere, the club features a charming gift shop, and the best part is almost everything inside the club is up for sale! For those looking to become regular contributors to this blossoming community, memberships are available, providing exclusive access to a world of artistic expression right in their neighborhood.

50% off Memberships through June

Become a member and get exclusive perks and access to our events and space rentals. 

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